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Oman Gypsum Powder

Oman Gypsum is the ideal choice for remodeling and repair works, and for the creation of beautiful cornices and decorations

Oman Gypsum produces a refined and chip resistant finishes.

Oman Gypsum is suitable for healthy and comfort interior door  ambience. It is a high grade product that complies with the internationally set standards

You can also use GGC Oman Gypsum for-wall  plastering and as an adhesive for gypsum boards and other gypsum based items on concrete and cement walls.

Agriculture Gypsum

It is important to improve the characteristics of soil, by treating the dangerous salts, easy for use and affordable price. 

  • Improves soil reclamation.

  • Removes salt crust from soil.

  • Improve soil quality.

  • Balances soil pH.

  • Increases crop production.

  • Non-toxic, Eeasy to handle natural material.

  • Environment friendly.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Glo Fix Tile Adhesive

GLO-FIX is a cement-based premium quality tile adhesive. GLO-FIX modified to provide superior  

results; it utilizes  modern European technology to ensure easy applications with high end outcomes.

GLO-FIX is suitable for the fixing of all types of tiles, and decorative stone claddings.

GLO-FIX is produced and packed in two varieties

White GLO-FIX packed in 20 kg  / Grey GLO-FIX  packed in 25kg

Gypsum Block

Gypsum Blocks are the best modern choice for erecting interior walls due to high quality, less costs and fast building , they afford a healthy and calm climates in addition beautiful optic designations.

Gypsum Blocks have been making according to global specifications with light weight and high strength which reduce the substrates costs and increase the profit, so make  gypsum blocks the optimum choice for modern high buildings.

Why Gypsum Blocks

  • Gypsum blocks are economic with faster  construction time.

  • Slimmer partition walls which result in useful area and space.

  • Late determination of division of space is possible in the building process in case no user is available.

  • Ready – finished surface interiors walls without plaster ensure short construction time and less costs.

  • Perfect surface optic of the wall through smoothness and high dimensional accuracy.

  • Simple dismantling with change of usage without incursion the remaining building substrate.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Adhesive Compound

Adhesive Compound for erecting walls of the  gypsum blocks and fixing them with floors and concrete walls. Add the powder of adhesive compound into the water the mix until you get a     homogenous mixture the mixture should be use within 60 min 

Adhesive Compound / Hydro  Adhesive Compound  packed in 25kg

Limestone Powder

Limestone powder has many natural uses as well as commercial ones. Commercial- ly, limestone powder is used in antacids as filler in various industry, it is used as well in the production of decoration materials and construction. It is also a great calcium fortifier for animal and poultry feed.

Limestone is used in the production of:

  • Animal and poultry feeds

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Food and drinks

  • Agriculture and fertilisers

  • Building materials (i.e. lime and marble)

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